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I am an Argentinian Musician and Digital Artist based in New York City since 2016.

Raised in a family of musicians and designers, I started playing guitar at 7 years old and playing with design at 17.


Since then, with a freelance and entrepreneur profile I founded “Mareas“, an Advertising Agency

specialized in branding, advertising and design, working for clients around the world.


In the meantime I recorded as a session musician with many artists, and performed in important venues.

It was just before moving to NYC that I released my latest and first solo album “Lost & Found“,

composed, recorded and mixed in my studio in Argentina.


This album is a journey that combines the deep storytelling of folk music, the drama of film scoring and

of course, the emotion of Argentinian folcklore.


My curiosity and hunger for learning new techniques helped me to develop a strong and versatile

technical background, being always in pursuit of ambitious and creative projects.


As a true multitalented creative, I work in diverse areas of expertise as photography, filming and production,

music composition and design, all with passion and intense dedication.



Hope to hear from you !

Thanks for passing by.

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